You've heard this expression before...regarding the weather...

"Give it 5 minutes and it'll change"

Well I can do you one better.

Brandi and I both recently traded in our iPods for the new iPod Touch.  This handy dandy device is internet ready along with all sorts of other fascinating features (mp3 player, calendar, organizer, etc.)

It also has a feature that will tell you your local weather along with a 5-day Forecast assuming, of course, that you sync it with your city's local weather via the internet.  We got back from Wal-Mart and having had no luck while were out, decided to sync my new iPod touch so I could have the weather (and 5-Day forecast) always at my fingertips.

Some banter took place and prior to my getting updated Brandi stated, "It's 78's 78 degrees and raining.  WOW it gives ACCURATE weather." (As evident by the rain outside - Apple is no joke)

I looked at Brandi's iPod Touch to see it accurately displaying, updated at 9:10PM (it was 9:12 at the time of the viewing) that it was, indeed, 78 degrees with a picture of a cloud, some raindrops, and the Moon peeking through the cloud.

I synced my iPod Touch expecting to find a similar situation seeing as how Brandi and I were pretty close to one another.  After synching my iPod Touch proudly displayed "77 Degrees and Cloudy".

No Rain...No Moon peeking through...and a 1 degree difference in Temperature from our Kitchen to our Living Room.

Talk about Weird South Carolina Weather

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