For clarification...this was merely a vacation from work.  9 days in a row of not getting up earlier in the morning than I want to.

This vacation started off like any other...

I had an appointment with the Allergist at 9:00AM so we got out of bed about 8:10 to prepare to leave.  I walked onto the porch and was going to look at our garden as I do each morning.  That's when I noticed that a small tree had fallen sometime in the night and was completely stopping us from going down the extended portion of the driveway.  With yesterday's rain and the fact that we would have been driving on a hill...we decided it best to not try to take the car through the yard.

I walked across the yard to the extended portion of the driveway to survey the damage.  When I came back into the house, Brandi asked...sounding a little bit desperate..."What are we going to do?"

I handled this situation as I thought any normal husband would do.  I looked her straight in the eyes...lovingly...trying to assuage her fear...and said...rather excitedly..."We're going to cut it the hell down!"

Enter the chainsaw...

Nothing gets the testosterone pumping like using a chainsaw at 8:30 AM.  With 2 assistants I figured there was little chance of personal injury.

Geramy and I began to clear the offending flora while Brandi called the Allergist to move my appointment.  After rescheduling, Brandi joined us in the tree removal.  Strangely, it went without incident.

Allergist says the meds aren't working so Immunotherapy is the way to go.  As I suspected.

Back home it was time for breakfast.

Brandi decided on Spam Sandwiches...Spam and Egg Sandwiches...Spam and Egg Sandwiches on Hot Dog Buns...Spam'wiches.

I tried to tell Brandi that God intended Spam'wiches to be eaten on white bread with mustard...she chose to eat hers on a whole wheat pita with mayonnaise...I'm pretty sure she's going to get kicked out of South Carolina...and probably not get into Heaven, either.  I'll miss her.

Happy Monday.


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