I've never played Fantasy Football but I think I'm going to give it a go this season.  Seems a bit complicated, what, with all the drafting and stats and keeping up with who's hurt and who's playing like a high schooler...but what the heck...

I'll confess that I'm not a sports junkie.  Who would have known?  Therefore I can barely tell you 10 guys in the NFL...if that.  But I figure since it's FANTASY Football....it shouldn't really matter.  And since it's FANTASY...my team's going to be STACKED!

Check it out...

I'll play QB, of course (since we're dreaming here), 'cause that's a really popular position so I hear.  I'll probably pass for about a million yards this season.

Figure I'll draft the Man of Steel as my runningback.  Heck, he's faster than a speeding bullet so no one will be able to catch him.  If all else fails he can fly in for a touchdown.  Better watch out for that blimp that's always hanging around, though.

I'm putting Jessica Biel at tight end...'cause...well...she's really articulate.  She can probably be Captain of the Cheerleaders, too.  I'm going to draft LOTS of those...

Since the object here is to win I'm pulling out all the stops.  Number 7...at Nose Guard...Jesus.  If he can part the Red Sea then he can shoo a few pesky guys trying to tackle me out of the way.

I probably don't need many more players than that...but if I do then I'm sure Luke Skywalker would be a handy addition to the team...have to see if he's still under contract with anyone...maybe Chuck Norris, too...get some real tough guys in the lineup.  He'll roundhouse kick our field goals.

Look out, ESPN!

10/1/2008 05:19:31 am

I don't care for sports either but would love to see this game!!! With Jesus on your team---you're sure to win !!!!

Love you Cory!


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