Here's a transcript of an online chat session with "Evan".  Evan is the 5th inept Customer Service Representative I have had the pleasure of dealing with so far...and 2 of those were alleged "Senior" Account Managers.

Anyways, dig it!

Hi and welcome to our Capital One chat service! One of our Account Specialists will be right with you. Your chat may be monitored and recorded.

You are now chatting with Evan

Evan: Thank you for visiting Capital One. I'd be happy to help you with your account questions. Whom do I have the pleasure of chatting with today?

you: My name is Cory Threatt

Evan: Hello Cory.

Evan: How can I help you today?

you: I paid $76.00 on 11/2/12. My payment was kicked back due to an "invalid bank account". The checking account I ALWAYS use to pay this account ends in 5501. It is pre-populated in the bank account field when I sign in to my account online. I never have to enter any information therefore it should have gone through with no issues just like it has for the entirety of 2012 and beyond. In the letter I received telling me my payment was declined, it said the invalid bank account ends in 5770. This is NOT my bank account. I have had my bank fax a letter stating my correct account number and have had that account number confirmed by 4 customer service agents. Even the "Senior" account managers can't explain to me where the bank account ending in 5770 came from. So, my account still states past due when I have made my payment TWICE and it has been denied TWICE because of an error on your end. I've been told by "Senior" account managers that nothing can be done and there isn't anyone above a "Senior" account manager who I can speak to on the telephone. How, then, am I supposed to remedy this situation when no one seems to know what cause the problem in the first place?

Evan: In this circumstance, you would need to contact 1-800-955-7070. A Customer Service Representative is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will be happy to assist you with this request.

Evan: I do apologize for giving you a number to call, however, I want to direct you to the proper department that can best assist with your concern. I really wish to help.

you: I have done that 2 times now.

you: And no one there can help me.

Evan: In order to access your account, please provide your name (exactly as it appears on your credit card), zip code, date of birth and last four digits of your Social Security number.

you: Cory Threatt, 29732, 7/16/76, ***-**-9757

Evan: To ensure I have the correct account can you please provide me with the last four digits of your Capital One account number?

you: 1108

Evan: Thank you.

you: 7712 is my other account but there is no problem with that account...and I pay it with the same checking account that I pay 1108 with every month.

Evan: Thank you for verifying that information. Bear with me for just a moment while I review the account.

you: 10-4

Evan: I can see that past due fees on your account is waived, you don't have to worry.

you: Yes but there are a few things you aren't seeing...

you: My minimum payment should be around $76.00.

you: The first "Senior" account manager told me it would not be $113 or $117, I forget which.

you: And the "Senior" account manager I spoke with yesterday told me I owed the full amount of $193.00...

you: AND...there's still the matter of where this mysterious checking account ending in 5770 came from and how it goe associated with my account.

you: *got

you: And there's till no way for me to mke a payment becaus my checking account is blocked as a valid method of payment...

Evan: Yes, your Payment Due Date is 12/03/2012 and Amount Due is $193.00.

you: ..even though I use it every month on my account ending in 7712.

you: You say my payment is $193. Will you please explain to me how you arrived at that number?

Evan: In this circumstance, you would need to contact 1-800-955-7070. A Customer Service Representative is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will be happy to assist you with this request.

you: Again, I've tried that twice.

you: Now you're telling me the SAME thing every other representative is telling me. You cna't help me and you can't tell me how this situation can be fixed.

Evan: The minimum monthly payment is the amount a customer is required to pay on an outstanding balance on their credit card account. This amount appears on the monthly statement.

Evan: If the balance is less than the minimum payment floor, then the minimum payment is the same as the balance. (The minimum payment floor amount differs between accounts according to the account terms.)

Evan: If the balance is the minimum payment floor or more, then the minimum payment will be the greater of the minimum payment floor or the sum of:

Evan:  1% of the balance

Evan: + interest

Evan: + any late payment fees

Evan: + an amount equal to a full year of Membership Fees divided by 12 (for some account types)

Evan: If the account is delinquent, the minimum payment will also include any past due amount.

you: The minimum payment is calculated as 1% of the balance + interest + any fees due.

you: My minimum payment was $76.00 which I paid.

Evan: Yes, you are correct.

you: The fees were because of an error on Capital One's end yet I'm being asked to pay for tha tmistake.

you: BOTH payments I made have a confirmation number. And both were entered with a bank account number that isn't mine. That isn't my fault.

you: Bank account ending in 5770 isn't mine.

you: So, naturally, I can't pay my account with THAT account nor would I have any idea how to attempt to pay my account with a checking account that isn't mine.

Evan: Please make the payment for $193.00. The past due fee amount will be credited to your account.

you: I'm not making that payment. It isn't correct and I'm not going to be bullied into making a payment that is $117.00 more than I owe.

you: I've paid $76.00 TWICE and you guys can't process it correctly.

Evan: Please don't worry, Yes, you are correct we have receive your payment for $76.00.

you: No you haven't. At least it hasn't been credited to my account. It's been kicked back twice. I have 2 letters to prove that.

Evan: In this circumstance, you would need to contact 1-800-955-7070. A Customer Service Representative is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will be happy to assist you with this request.

you: And if it has been received, why, then, are you still asking me to pay $193.00

Our chat session has ended. It’s been a pleasure helping you. Please use the Capital One chat service again soon.

Hi there. Please hold for a moment. One of our Account Specialists will be right with you.

Hi there. Please hold for a moment. One of our Account Specialists will be right with you.

You suck, Evan!

6/18/2016 08:31:18 am

Capital one socks. Gave me the run around and if you raise your voice they put you on hold and then cut you off. Now you are red flagged you are a yelled I just raised my voice. U do realize the idiot u are talking to is not from America. 'bill' is from Mumbai. Next thing I know I can't pay the bill cause the card is closed. They sell my name I have to pay more and get this if it's over statute of limitations you still pay because I should not have as the account was closed. I started paying which put all the 'fees' back
In calif statute is five years. U start paying all the back fees are added u get garnished and it's an unholy mess.
A bill of 400 is now 7822.89..insane. I had to declare bankruptcy just to get out of the 24/7 calls morning noon and night past ten. It's illegal they threaten and call you at the job all day too as well as at work. I the fool has the nerve to tell me the only way to get out is bankruptcy. I took the fools advice. When I stopped paying the bill was at 12858.09 what a nightmare
If you have their stinky card pay it off immediately and cancel or they will charge you a non use fee. These basterds have no heart. No my credit excellent and they want me back. Kiss my phat azz.

Irene Harlow
2/22/2017 03:19:16 pm

Their website is a maze. Can't access my money.

4/15/2017 09:42:56 am

I TOTALLY understand your frustration. I was told that even with some credit issues I have had loans with them befor for an Auto and there would be no problem and that there would be no pull on my credit report...that is BS. I received a notification from the from the CRA this morning that not only did they do a pull for a car loan BUT also a credit card that was denied. When I called I got the same runaround from a "senior" manager that the CRA is wrong and there was no pull on my credit and that I authorized a pull for a credit card that was attached to the request for a loan. NEVER AGAIN will I trust them

5/8/2017 07:27:52 am

my wife and i have capital one and it's been about 4 yrs but i had them back about 20 yrs ago when they were still a new bank and let me tell you they never got better just worse as time went on. their probably the worst credit cared bank there is and now we're stuck with them but we have no choice, it's difficult being without a card.

when you need to make a hotel/motel reservation or car rental you need a major credit card to hole or if you use you debit card they will charge you up the keester. if we could get along without our credit cares we would.

many times i've caught them trying to cheat us on interest and i make them do adjustments as needed. unfortunately our credit isn't at it's best now so i'm putting up with it until things progress

5/9/2017 08:16:14 am

I appreciate your comment, Thomas. And...

...I feel your pain. After this encounter (back then with capital One) I went to my credit union the VERY NEXT DAY and got a loan to pay off both of my Capital One cards (Yes, I had 2. Yes, I'm in the same boat where my credit isn't "at it's best".)

I've struggled with personal/consumer debt my entire adult life. I was commenting to my wife recently that I can't recollect a time as an adult where I haven't had some sort of debt and, more often than not, it's been in the nearly-too-much-to-handle range. Fortunately, I've gotten really good at shifting money around to cover things as needed. UNfortunately, I've gotten really good at shifting money around to cover things as needed. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is a bad financial lifestyle choice.

I am the self-proclaimed King of Creative (but legal) Monetary Movement and the reigning Refinance Everything champion, 7 years running.

All, jokes aside, though, debt sucks.

If I can give you any advice besides, "Do as I say, not as I do." it would be to get away from credit cards however you can.

1st - (This is general info that I could stand to listen to this myself) Stop living beyond your means. This is the assumption I make as to why people use credit cards. It's certainly the largest part of my personal situation.

Don't buy stuff just to buy stuff. That's my biggest problem. I can't make myself not buy things. I love things. I love having things. The sad part is when you're painfully aware that you (me) have a problem and can't do anything about it. This is something I've worked on every day and I can say that I've made some strides in the last few weeks - more on that in another post once I get a new blog site up and running). You can do it, too.

2nd - Build a solid relationship with your bank (I prefer credit unions as they're local-ish and you're not just an account number to them IMO). Let them help you. They WANT to. But don't try to do it all at once. They don't want to bail you out but they DO want to help. Talk to them. Let them know your situation and that you want to fix it but you just need a little help. Ask them what options you have and, if you're in a situation where you're too risky for them at the moment, ask them what you need to do to get moving in the right direction. Too many people think banks (or credit unions) are there just for the counter transactions and for the yes/no loan decisions. I used to think the same thing. That's SO FAR from the truth. There are people (at least with my CU and I assume all others) who can talk you through the steps to get your credit repaired and learn how to use your money to your advantage. Their ROI for that time is hoping you'll keep your accounts with them and use them in the future for loans and such.

3rd (and my last since I'm supposed to be replying to a comment and not writing a novel) - Did you know there are people who will help you with financial advice for FREE? Apparently there are. I never sought the help of a financial adviser because I assumed there would be a charge. Turns out that isn't true. Funny but sad thing it - after I learned this I reached out to one recommended by a co-worker. He got back to me, got more info, and never called me back. When you're financial situation is more than a person who does this for a living is willing to take on... I laugh now but that was a super-unprofessional and classless move on his part if you ask me. Of course, he's in no way obligated to help us but he could have at least "manned up" and told me that he didn't want to take us on as a client. But I digress...

To end, debt sucks. Bad credit makes life tough and it shouldn't be allowed to do that but our (generally speaking) credit-happy mentality lets it. Credit is easy. Credit is fun. I get it. I live it. Well, liveD it. It's a struggle for sure.

Best of luck to you, Thomas. I wish you and your wife all the best. Please reply to this post in the future with any other comment/questions/or successes (which I hope there are many).

I'm also working on getting my blog back up and running. I neglected it for a long time. I'll host that at I hope to have it up buy the end of the month. It will contain posts on a variety of topics (personal debt, creativity - especially music, and all sorts of other things) so it's taking me a little longer to get it organized to my liking.

Thanks, again, for the reply!


6/3/2017 05:58:16 pm

Capital one is a VERY CROOKED financial institution and a very confused one, and this is why:
They receive the payment couple days before the due day, nevertheless they do not input it and charge interest. This happens every time. When I asked them if perhaps 2 days in advance wasn't enough, they say it's plenty ample time. So, to me it looks like dishonest "mistake" just to upsell their services. They prey on you, Dear Client, maybe you don't notice and pay them interest! Another thing they do is sending an automated obnoxious note and threats. They scold you for missing the payment, which was actually paid 2 days before due day and they threaten you to mess up your credit with the CREDIT Bureau. And there's no doubt in my mind that they messed up many good paying clients. There's no secret that all credit companies HATE good paying clients, and they LOVE the unfortunate ones, because they charge them 19.75%, but this CAPITAL ONE is so CROOKED and DESPARATE, that they always try to hammer an interest out of you by all legal or illegal means. Another thing those CROOKS do, when you want to address your complain to a manager, they put you on LONGGGGGGG HOLD, to make you hang up.

Anthony MacDonald
12/2/2018 04:25:42 pm

I have a Capital One gold Mastercard and they charge you $59 annually for a fee just to have it !

Interest is outrageous and you better make your payment a few weeks in advance or watch out !
I pity those with the World Elite Mastercard because I can't imagine what they are paying out !

David Nelson
4/7/2019 06:43:40 am

We in Canada are forced to use Crap 1 for Costco purchases. Horrible service. I asked for a credit limit increase from my initial $5k and was denied because my balances were too low. Well, when Costco sells many items online that are above $5k, how am I supposed to purchase them? My credit rating is top notch, and my Visa has a limit of $25k which they are constantly offering to increase. CAPTIAL ONE SUCKS,


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