I have this small problem with my eyes getting really dry as I sleep.  Thusly, when I wake up it’s really hard to get my eyes open until a few minutes have passed.

This morning, I slept a few minutes past my 6:15 wake-up call so I had to rush out of bed to get Jordan to the bus stop on time.

For whatever reason, I felt compelled to sleep nude last night therefore so was I nude when I awoke…pain-filled eyes and all.  I looked for my shorts and boxers that I had removed just prior to getting into bed.  Having no luck finding those that were laid on the floor not 8 hours prior, I got the short from the previous day off of the same floor…

There were 2 problems with said “substitute shorts”. Firstly, there were no boxers with the substitutes thusly rendering my morning assignment a Commando Mission.  Secondly, the button popped off of said shorts the day before when I was removing the shorts from my person (I was not Commando at the time).

So here I am dressing with one eye closed, commando, in shorts with no button.  This is going to be a great morning.

I finish getting dressed, find Jordan and we’re out the door…6:20. Right on time.

It’s no longer raining which means I don’t have to drive the car to the end of the driveway like yesterday.  SO here we are…walking to the bus stop.  It’s dark.  It’s wet.  There are 2 small rivers where there once there were none…one in the ditch and one in the middle of the driveway.  I’m hopping over these rivers in shoes that are a little too big…with no socks…and my hands are in my pocket to keep my shorts with no button from falling off.

We get to the bus stop with a few minutes to spare so we wait patiently.  A few minutes pass and I feel a few raindrops.  Normally, a light drizzle wouldn’t be a problem except:

1     I didn’t bring an umbrella

2     The light drizzle was immediately followed with a heavier drizzle….a light rain…then a quite steady rain.

Fortunately for Jordan, she had her umbrella with her.  No sooner had she gotten her umbrella opened and hoisted above her than the bus arrived.  I ducked under her umbrella, kissed and hugged her, and shooed her towards the bus.

I, dutifully, watched her to make sure that she got ON the bus and turned to go back to the house.  As it was raining significantly harder now, the urge came over me to run home in order to stay as dry as possible.  I quickly assessed my current situation…I’m wearing slip-on, slick-bottomed shoes that are a bit too big…my shorts don’t have a button…I have to keep my hands in my pockets to keep my shorts from falling off and revealing to any onlookers that I came out of the house without any underwear.  Those factors do not add up to a successful run to the house without incident (or many incidents…remember the river in the driveway and the ditch?).

I resigned myself to walking back to the house, hands in my pockets, in a steady rain.  When I got back into the house I went to the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror.  Seeing as I was completely soaked, getting cold, and still tired…I removed my wet clothes, deposited them onto the bathroom floor and sat on the couch – naked – for the next half hour until it was time to get ready to go to work.

What a way to start the day.

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